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I will do more than just hold your hand


Antenatal  Doula


It has been reported that one of the most positive recent developments for parents is the addition of the Doula into maternity care.

Frequently Asked Questions :

What is an Antenatal Doula ?

A Doula is another woman, often a mother herself, who is trained and experienced at offering support, physically and emotionally. She uses her knowledge and experience to aid you in an empathic way in whatever is right for you at the time.

She does not replace your partner unless he can’t be at the labour or birth, but rather works to support the two of you.


How does having a Doula make a difference ?

And many that will be individual to the woman.

The World Health Organization ( WHO )

Documents that ;

The continuous support of a Doula results in many benefits.

That a Doula will offer praise, reassurance, suggestions for the mothers comfort, an explanation of what is happening, a constant friendly presence which reduces anxiety. Another positive effect is on the number of mothers who are still breastfeeding at 6 weeks postpartum.

( “WHO” General Aspects of Care in Labour - Para 2.5 )


Will my Doula just be with me at the labour and birth ?

Far from it !  I will visit you usually twice ( 2 X 2 hrs ) before your expected delivery date, where we will get to know and trust each other. I will want to know what you would like and don’t want in your labour and birth of your baby ( birth plan ). We can go through any aspect of Breathing and Relaxation or anything you are unsure of ( for what else I can offer please  see “Packages” )

I will be 'on call' for two weeks before your estimated delivery date and two weeks following.

You can call me or e-mail me at any time.

After your baby is born I will visit you again to go through your birth experience.


So now what do I do ?

If you like what you read, contact me and we will arrange a meeting for the three of us, rather like a two way interview, where you can ask me anything, and I can find out what your expectations of a Doula are. You have not committed yourself to anything and I do not charge for this meeting.  Following this, having given it some thought, I will ask you to ring me and let me know your decision either way.