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I will do more than just hold your hand

Postnatal Doula


Throughout history, families have provided the help and care new mothers needed, experienced Grandmothers, Aunts, Sisters all made the time with a new baby easier. In todayís society we no longer have extended families nearby and without the right help and experience it can leave new parents feeling helpless. Postnatal Doulas fill this gap.


What does a Doula do postnatally ?


What wonít she do?

I donít do housework, including ironing ! My skills and experience are much more valuable to you used in other areas, although I will wipe kitchen work surfaces, empty/fill dishwashers ( light washing up ) and clean up after myself.


When does she come to help ?

This is entirely up to you, according to what your needs are. Maybe more frequently just after the birth and in the very early days, and becoming less frequent in the weeks to follow. It can be as little as 3 hours or as much as you feel you need, especially if your partner is away.



Be assured that not only do I have the wealth of experience
as a  mother and training as an National Childbirth Trust Teacher,
as a School Teacher, I underwent a Police Criminal Records Check
( enhanced level ); each education authority requires this check
and is for the safety of the children and peace of mind for the
parents, in Scotland it is requested by the General Teaching Council.
This means that I have already been vetted for you !